Suicide Wood
“One may lay violent hands upon oneself. And therefore, in this place, those

who deprived themselves of their lives repent

in vain.”
— Virgil

The Wood of the Suicides is a location in Dante's Inferno. It is the organic forest of souls that comprises the second part of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Harpies are charged of tormenting souls by breaking branches and snapping limbs, but they are strangely not seen in the game. The suicidal souls are transformed into gnarled, condemned, and cursed trees which part of this dark forest. Souls like Pietro della Vigna, Bella Abati, Lano da Siena and Jacopo da Sant'Andrea are among those trapped here. According to Virgil, a soul who is deprived of life shoot up like a sapling, it sprout, without body, only the pain. It is unjust that a soul possess that one is deprived oneself, trying to repent in vain.

Overview Edit

Sinners who take their own lives are condemned by King Minos to the Seventh Circle. The souls are transformed into gnarled, disfigured, and brittle trees which comprise this gruesome forest. Each tree is different, for example, Bella's tree has a vine wrapped around her neck like a noose, representing how she took her life. Each tree is a twisted version of their own suicide. The trees produce Suicide Fruit that causes thoughts of suicide on humans like Dante. If he is unable to resist the effects of the fruit, he will commit suicide by stabbing himself with his cross.


  • The trees scream when struck with the scythe.
  • In "The Inferno", Dante describes the Woods of Suicide as consisting of thorny, gnarled trees, which were once the souls of those who committed suicide. Harpies torment the souls by breaking branches and snapping limbs, only to have them grow back again.
  • In the original poem, the forest was where not only the suicides were condemned, but also the prolifigates (those who forsook the value of their own goods, much like how the suicides forsook the value of their own bodies) who are chased by dogs through the forest.
  • In the original poem, the suicide trees, in a dark twist of their sin (violence against themselves) are unable to speak to Dante unless the tree is injured and bleeding. As they ended their lives with physical violence, they now depend on physical violence to communicate.


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