Ach-Well Done, Judas
Well Done, Judas
Description Find all 30 pieces of silver
Points 20 Game points
Trophy Silver trophy

Well Done, Judas is an achievement/trophy in Dante's Inferno.


This achievement/trophy is obtained by finding all 30 Silver Judas Coins that are scattered throughout Hell. This achievement/trophy is worth 30 points and a silver trophy on the PlayStation 3, and 20 points on the Xbox 360.


  • In the Bible, it was said that the Pharisees rewarded Judas Iscariot thirty pieces of silver for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.
  • The title of this achievement may be a reference to a lyric from the song "Damned For All Time" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. The lyric in question, following Judas' acceptance of the money and betrayal of Jesus' location, is as follows: "Well done, Judas/Good old Judas."

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