The Guide.

In order to unlock the achievement/trophy "The Guide" the player must obtain each commentary from Virgil. This page acts as a guide to get "The Guide".

Virgil LocationsEdit

Shores of AcheronEdit

  • Into the Blind World - Right after a damned climb. There will be a piece of silver on a little cliff nearby.
  • Shores of Acheron - After the door the player kicks open, past the elevator.


  • Limbo - After ripping off Charon's head and getting back onto land (the player had to run across a breaking bridge right before this).
  • Unblessed Infants - Right after the first encounter with unbaptized babies.
  • Hall of Kings - Right before King Minos, the judge of the dead. Virgil will be in the corner.


  • Winds of Lust - In The Lust Storm, at the end of the bridge. Directly in front of The Carnal Tower.
  • Semiramis - After the snake head puzzle, before the giant circular elevator.
  • Helen - After killing Cleopatra and escaping The Carnal Tower.


  • Gluttony - Before fighting Cerberus, after the descent.
  • Valley of Mud - After the room with the three mouths and before the mirror leading to the Hall of Gluttons.


  • Greed - After descending into Greed, and seeing Alighiero.
  • Earth's Treasure - After fighting an Asterian Beast and going through a demon door. In front of a damned climb.
  • Plutus - Just before the giant statue of Plutus, right in front of a gap.
  • The Wheel of Fortune - After the player scales Plutus. Virgil is waiting just after the rope.


  • Anger - After descending into Anger.
  • Pigs in the Mire - After using a box to make a platform go down.
  • The City Draws Near - After the lighting the beacon at the distant tower. Just before a damned pole.


  • Heresy - After descending into Heresy. Just before a demon door.
  • Epicurus - In the room where the player first encounters Abraham (The giant statue that gets hit with a ray of light.) After a damned climb.
  • Three More Circles - After the room with falling rocks. Just before the descent into Violence.


  • Wood of Suicides - After crossing the river on the cages, at the entrance to the Wood of the Suicides.
  • The River Phlegethon - At a waterfall before a damned climb. Just before meeting Francesco on the back of Geryon.


  • The Final Circle - at the end of the Malebolge, Virgil is waiting on the path.


  • Treachery - Literally right at the beginning of the crumbling ice bridge (right before the final boss). He blends in with the scenery, so he's easy to miss.

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