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    Pride, Envy and Sloth Circles.

    December 16, 2013 by CNBA3

    What if there were circles for these three sins of their own?

    Note: I am not talking about how Dante's Inferno reference these in Greed talks about Pride and Envy, and Anger with the Sullens lay at the bottom of the Styx.

    I mean actual circles of their own. What it describes, the punishment, etc.

    My Opinion:

    Envy: a green, slimy, icky place with a fog, and the air is poisoned and the smell of decay and corruption, just as envy is disastrous, the souls who are bond their become twisted and warped, becoming ugly and nothing more than a blob of flesh writhing in agony, reflecting their ugly jealousy.

    Sloth: is pure darkness and a deep weighted pressure that crushes the damned in this circle, it is nothing but darkness, just like the slothful care …

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