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    To do list before playing DI

    November 23, 2011 by 2ks4

    Black Friday is coming up and I have a GameStop gift card in the mail as well, so 'tis the season I may actually get Dante's Inferno. As a practical individual, however, I decided to take stock of my current game situation while planning my next game purchases.

    In our house we have 40 disc-based PS3 games (I'm not sure when that happened because that number seemed really high when I counted). Of these, there are six that I started but got distracted by other things before finishing. I want to revisit those before starting something new. There are a whopping eleven that I haven't even popped in the disc for yet (nine of which my wife has already finished - she's much more efficient than me).

    So, plenty to do already before DI could get its tur…

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