Pretty extreme, I have been doubting to make this decision for a long time, but today, I finally came to a decision.

The game helped me a lot in making this decision.

I have decided to become a Christian.

After playing the game and completing it for the first time, I was shocked. Was this hell? Was this how you would be punished after sinning?

Even though I have said goddamnit more than once, I have never denied God. Yes, I have commited sins in my life as well, but we all have (don't try to deny it :)).

Although Im not a Christian yet, and my parents do not know of my decision yet, I am confident they will respect this.

My friends reactions were quite mean: "Believe in God?! YOU? HAHAHA!" "God forgives all Guus, but for you, he will gladly make an exception."

Having beaten the living shit out of my friends, I am going to discuss this with my parents tonight.

Why did I make this decision?

Well, as I said earlier DI inspired me. I went to the library and lend and read the full Divine Comedy, and more books about Christianity.

Although I am not the first person you would expect to live a holy life. Deep inside me, I was touched and shocked by what I read.

Oh well MM, I guess I will be joining you in bein a Christian :)

Christmas will be here soon. We don't celebrate Christmas a lot in Holland, but whats a nicer Christmas gift than becoming attuned to Christ? Exactly.

Leave your comments and thoughts about my decision below please. lease show your support.

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