Circle of Hell-Treachery 001
Circle Number 9
Boss Lucifer
Creatures Frozen Giants
Locations Lake Cocytus
Host Fra Alberigo
Prev. Circle Fraud
Next Circle
“The lowest, blackest, and farthest from Heaven. Well do I know the way.” — Virgil

Treachery, is the ninth Circle of Hell. This last circle is dedicated to those people who betrayed their loved ones, friends, best friends, countries, cities, guests, and even to their masters.


The final circle of The Inferno, this circle is ringed by classical and biblical giants, who symbolize pride and other spiritual flaws lying behind acts of treachery, and they"ll attempt to kill the player with their freezing breath. According to Lucifer, he has used the souls of Ulysses of Greek, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and the Knight Lancelot have all tested in this Circle of Hell and failed to free him.

Before Lake Cocytus is a crumbling ice bridge, as well as the final chain of Judecca.

Important AreasEdit

  • Lake Cocytus: "The ice holds the king of the underworld and his legions of treacherous shades."the lake itself is formed from the tears of Lucifer himself, and the flapping of his wings to keep it frozen

Dante's JournalEdit

  • In the "Divine Comedy", the ninth Circle of Hell is ringed by Biblical and Classical Giants. Nimrod (who wasn't actually a giant in Biblical stories), Ephialtes (who with his brother Otus tried to storm Mount Olympus during the Gigantomachy), and Antaeus (who lowers Dante and Virgil into the ninth Circle of Hell) are found here.  Briareus, Tityos, and Typhon were also mentioned to be here as well.  There are four concentric zones (or "rounds") in the ninth Circle of Hell:
    • Round 1 is named Caina after Cain (who murdered his brother Abel). Those that are condemned here are up to their faces in ice.
    • Round 2 is named Antenora after Antenor (who betrayed Troy to the Greeks). Dante encounters Count Ugolino here.
    • Round 3 is named Ptolomea after Ptolomy: Son of Abubis (who invited Simon Maccabaeus and his sons to a banquet and then killed them).  Those that are condemned here lie supine in the ice that covers everything except for their faces.
    • Round 4 is named Judecca after Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus Christ).  All of the sinners punished within are completely encapsulated in ice, distorted in all conceivable positions.  Due to no one to talk to here, Dante and Virgil moved on to the center of the ninth Circle of Hell.
    • At the center of the ninth Circle of Hell depicts Satan as a giant terrifying beast with six wings and three faces (one red, one black, and one a pale yellow).  Satan is waist deep in ice. His right and left head gnawed on Cassius and Brutus (who were involved in the murder of Julius Caesar) feet first in those mouths. In the central most vicious mouth is Judas Iscariot. Judas is being administered the most horrifying torture of the three traitors: his head gnawed by Satan's mouth and his back being forever skinned by Satan's claws.
    • Ironically, despite being known as the Circle of Judas, no Silver Judas Coins are found here.  The last coin is actually found in Violence.


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