Throne Demon

A Throne Demon

The Throne Demon was the second rank of Demons encountered in Hell, first seen in the Fourth Circle.


They wore gilded armor and are armed with a shield in one hand and a massive axe in the other. Being high-ranked, they had deer antlers distinguished from the low rank Guardian Demon with gazelle horns. These demons attacked the player by charging and delivering deadly swings with their axes. They could also use their axes to throw fire projectiles at a distance.


Like the other types of demons, Dante would encounter a Throne Demon throughout the circles of Hell, starting in Greed. The strategies used to defeat them, however are similar to the ways in which Dante could defeat the lesser Guardian Demons. If a Throne Demon threw a fire projectile at Dante, it could be deflected with a well-timed counterattack such as Retribution. Once weakened, they could be punished or absolved.