The Crusades
“You thought a crusade would offer you grace?” — King Minos

The Third Crusade (1189–1192), also known as the Kings' Crusade, was an attempt by King Richard to reconquer the holy land from Saladin.


Dante Alighieri and Francesco took part in this campaign. During the Crusade, a fraudulent Bishop promised the crusaders absolvement for their sins in repayment for taking up the fight. They waged war with Saladin's muslim forces, and eventually conquered the city of Acre. Dante commited numerous sins during this "holy" war and was damned as a result. The King held the innocent prisoners in an attempt to negotatiate the return of the True Cross. Before the negotiations could be fleshed out, (If they ever would be) Dante initiated the Slaughter at Acre in a fit of rage. Following this, King Richard demanded the person responsible step forward. Francesco took the fall for his brother, and was set to be hanged.

Siege of AcreEdit

In reaction to the atrocities commited, Saladin assaults Acre and a riot ensues. The captive prisoners escape, and Dante continues to slaughter them with his Halberd, though one Kurdish prisoner manages to stab him in the neck. Death appears and prepares to damn him to Hell for his sins. He refuses to accept his fate, and defeats the reaper by taking his Scythe.

In the Inferno, Dante encoutners his former brothers in the circle of Violence, in the Abominable Sands for their deeds "done in the name of God." Here he encounters Francesco, who confronts him for his sins.


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