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Temptress of Lust
“Shameless abominations trumpet their hunger, their yearning. Ripe as rotten fruit, a garish misrepresentation of many confined here, those with devotion, those that remain true.” — Francesca Da Polenta

The Temptress is a creature encountered in Lust.

Overview Edit

These beautiful women were once highly lustful in life, in death they are the personification of uncontrollable lust. They are the servants of Queen Cleopatra. Dante first encounters them within The Tower. The Seductress is a variant of the Temptress as her hair is up whilst the Temptress's hair is down. Regardless of the change in hairstyle she is the same as a temptress but has the ability to draw the player towards them.

Description Edit

The Temptress is humanoid in shape, grey skinned, partly dressed around the legs and frequently moans in a sexual manner, but give off cat like sounds when the attack. They attack with metal claws or with a long, retractable, scorpion-like tendril protruding from a blood spewing opening from the navel down to the vagina. These creatures are easily spotted in their crouched positions and stay close to the ground as they attack.

Strategy Edit

They can dodge almost all of Dante's strikes with their swift speed. They will stop periodically to writhe and moan in pleasure. This action is a precursor to a medium ranged attach where a tendril shoots forward from their groin, either to directly attack the player or to grab them (initiating a quick time event). A quick tapping of the Cross button will cancel the attack allowing Dante to grab the tendril and spin the Seductress around and throw her to a safe distance. The seductress can send a beam that lures the player towards them.

Gallery Edit

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