The Suicide Fruit spell is obtained after meeting Dante's mother in the Circle of Violence. It is a powerful Unholy spell that allows Dante to slam the rotting fruit of a suicide tree into the ground, stunning nearby enemies. The spell can then be leveled up to increase its range of effect.


Level 1Edit

  • Soul Cost: N/A
  • Ability Level: N/A
  • Mana Cost: 50
  • Description: Dante slams the rotting fruit of a Suicide Tree into the ground, stunning any nearby enemies

Level 2Edit

  • Soul Cost: 2,500
  • Ability Level: Unholy Level 6
  • Mana Cost: 50
  • Description: Increased stun range

Level 3Edit

  • Soul Cost: 5,000
  • Ability Level: Unholy Level 7
  • Mana Cost: 50
  • Description: Increased stun range

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