The River Styx
“Souls indignant! How many up there count themselves as kings, who here shall lie like pigs in the mire, leaving their condemnations far behind!” — Virgil

The River Styx is a location in Dante's Inferno. comprises most of the Fifth Circle. Those damned for the sin of Anger are immersed in this toxic, black liquid that makes up the river. The angry lie at the top, where they attempt to tear one another apart, while the sullen lie at the bottom. Unwary travelers are dragged under by the angry shades. Dante's only way across is the guardian of the Styx, Phlegyas. Beyond Styx lies the gates to the City of Dis. The Tower of Anger also lies at the banks of this river, signaling the boatman.

Trivia Edit

  • In Greek mythology, the River Styx was one of the five rivers of the Underworld. It has since become the most famous of the five, and has sometimes become synonymous with "the River of Hell".
  • In "The Inferno", Dante describes how the River Styx made up much of the fifth circle, and within its swampy waters, the souls of both the Wrathful and the Sullen were punished.
  • Apparently the Styx is so deep that Phlegyas wades underwater and only the flat top of his crown can be seen.
  • Charon's severed head can be found in the Styx marsh, acting as a nest for pests.

Gallery Edit

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