Dante Defeats Death
The Scythe was a weapon in Dante's Inferno. It was Dante's primary melee weapon.


The Scythe was originally wielded by Death who used it against Dante during their battle in Acre. Dante managed to take the scythe from Death, using it to slay it's former master. He subsequently discarded his halberd in favor of the new weapon, using it throughout his battles in Hell.

After defeating Lucifer at the end of the game, the scythe disintegrated.


Main article: Unholy Abilities

Death's Scythe was able to shift it's form in a variety of ways, growing and shrinking as it was needed to grab, slash and impale objects or enemies. It could change into a straight, spear-like form, extend into a hooked chain or collapse into a blade attached to Dante's arm. It was also used by Dante to safely descend into a new circle, double-functioning as a rope and a grappling hook.

Dante used souls to upgrade the scythe which grew stronger by absorbing Unholy Powers. Each time Dante chose to condemn souls or demons, Unholy Experience was generated. Once enough experience was gained, the scythe became stronger and gained new abilities. The scythe also had the power to take mana from slain creatures once the required ability was unlocked.


  • In Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, the scythe is a regular weapon wielded by demons and not the weapon of Death. Plus, Dante still has it by the end of the movie.
  • The name of the unholy move "Diabolic Guillotine" is an slight ananchronism; The guillotine, an execution device, was invented around 1789. However, this could be explained by the fact that the afterlife is considered to be outside of time.
  • The overall moveset of the Scythe is more akin to those of God of War series where attacks orbit in a fluid streak of combo with interchangable input of Light and Heavy attacks with slight variation between pressing or holding buttons accompanied with some special moves that requires an extra simultaneous input ; In contrast to those like Devil May Cry series where stand-alone attack moves are used in sequence tentatively, with each of them requiring specific input that most of the time also require correct alignments of the joystick and sometimes, different pacing of button press.