“ I am Lucia of Syracuse, patron saint of the blind. Persecuted by my pagan suitor, eyes plucked from my head. My body tortured and defiled. Yet I have seen the glory in paradise. I will be your protector, Dante, as you seek to find light from your dark past, and I will prepare you for the challenge ahead. These are the Trials of St. Lucia.”

Saint Lucia is the patron saint of the blind and a playable character in the DLC, The Trials of St. Lucia. She is a Christian martyr and Dante's Guardian Angel.


Many of her fighting abilities are similar to Dante's, her Holy Sickle is in many ways similar to Dante's Scythe, and Lucia's eyes project light in a similar fashion to Dante's Cross, though more rapid. The main difference is that Lucia's attacks are more aerial and cover more distance due to the fact that she can temporally fly and glide. She was one of the women who sent Virgil to Dante. Her eyes appear as a relic in the Citadel of Limbo.


Saint Lucia is a beautiful angel with white feathered wings, decorated in blue markings, that can expand and contract marginally to her will. She has the gift of flight and rarely touches the ground, but rather glides over it.

Her hair is platinum blonde and parted to the right side with the exception of a small braid on the left. Pale skinned, her face has black lines running down her cheeks from her eyes, which are featureless and pale blue, but glow brightly when light energy is fired from them. She wears a pale blue dress, split up both sides underneath golden laurel breastplates, with matching vambraces and knee high boots.


Born in Syracuse, Sicily, 283 AD, Lucia led a life of extreme virtue, consecrating her virginity to God. When her mother, Eutychia, arranged for her to marry a wealthy pagan, she refused. Her suitor then denounced her as a Christian to the magistrate, threatening to send her to be defiled in a brothel. When the guards came to sentence her to death, she knelt down and prayed for salvation as the guards attempted to move her. Yet, miraculously, she remained fixed to the spot. 

Lucia moments before her death

The men attempted many ways to move her, from verbal abuse to violently stabbing her. Even going so far as to set her on fire, but she remained rooted to the ground. They continued to fail in their violence against the girl until her husband-to-be told the guards that if he couldn't have those beautiful eyes then no one can. At this point, the guards gouged her eyes from her head and, shortly after this, succeeded in killing her.

According to church tradition, God repaid her sacrifice by giving her new eyes of pure light, far more beautiful than any on Earth. In the Divine Comedy, she is part of a trinity of women who Dante casts and reveres as holy - the other two being Mary and Beatrice - as he regards her as his patron saint, since Lucia is the patron saint of the blind (spiritually and otherwise, as well as literally.)