The River of Blood
“Within this river are those tyrants so aptly punished in a boiling blood.” — Virgil

The Phlegethon is the boiling river of blood that comprises the first part of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Centaurs are charged with tormenting souls here by dipping caged sinners into the boiling river as well as average damage from from their furnace saddles. Chief among those is Nessus, who allows Dante to ride him across the river. The violent souls boil within the depths of the blood. Souls like Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun are among those trapped here. According to Virgil, the river eventually flows through the Eighth Circle and collects in the Ninth Circle, whereby it freezes to make Cocytus.

Loot Edit

Attila's Armor- From the corner of the furnace platform the right part of the wall is broken and has a damned wall you can climb down. Instead of heading straight down, go left to follow the wall around to a secret area within the centaur itself.

Silver Judas Coin-Found just below the Attila's Armor relic above, on the platform after the damned climb.

Silver Judas Coin- Found just before Wood of the Suicides, on the cliff to the left after crossing the river via the centaur's cages, just before talking with Virgil.


  • Greek mythology, the Phlegethon was one of the five rivers of the Underworld, known as the Fiery River. It is said to punish the wicked by healing them, so that they can endure more pain.
  • In "The Inferno", Dante described the River of Phlegethon as a river of boiling blood, in which tyrants and murderers were submerged. Some are almost completely submerged under the river, while others have only their feet scorched.


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