Two Pests

Pests are creatures encountered in Dante's Inferno.


Pests are flying creatures found throughout Hell. Pests resembled large wasp-like bugs with a hooked stinger extending from behind. They also had the ability to shoot a burst of flame from their tails. Later in the game, Dante would encounter another variant of Pests known as Fiends.


Pests did not pose much of a threat as they went down with just a few swings of the Scythe. However, using the Cross at a distance was usually the best way to dispatch them as they often flew outside of Dante's effective range. One grab from the Scythe would kill them in one hit.

Trivia Edit

The Pest may be based on a similar creature found in the original Divine Comedy. In the Vestibule of Hell where the Opportunists are forced to stay, they are described in the canto as chasing a white banner, unable to stop due to wasp-like insects that continually stung them to goad them on. The insects are symbolic of the guilty conscience of these sinners who ignored morals and ethical behavior in order to service themselves above all else.