Paolo Malatesta

Paolo Malatesta is one of the damned which Dante must absolve for the "Forbidden Love" and "The Damned" achievement/trophy

Overview Edit

If the player does not absolve him, the "Forbidden Love" achievement will be locked out. If the player does absolve him, it will go towards both "The Damned" and "Forbidden Love". The object of Francesca's affection, Paolo Malatesta was killed by her side. He too resides in the circle of Lust, forever seperated from his love.


  • In The Inferno, Dante and Virgil behold the shade of Paolo Malastesta in the second circle of Hell, alongside his lover, Francesca, both damned for their lust.
  • If the player absolves both Paolo and Francesca, the"Forbidden Love" achievement/trophy is unlocked.
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