The Pagan is an enemy first encountered in the sixth circle of Hell, Heresy.



A Pagan.

Alongside the Heretics, Pagans are first encountered by Dante in Hell's sixth circle, reserved for the sin of Heresy. They appear as vile-looking priests, who carry a staff which is often adorned with a goat's skull, and can attack Dante from a distance by firing balls of magical energy. Unlike Heretics, however, the Pagans do not possess the power to make themselves or any surrounding enemies immune to Dante's holy powers. During their lives, they were priests who worshiped the Old Gods. As demons in Hell, they are unholy sorcerers armed with a deadly plethora of black magics to serve Lucifer.


Being unable to make themselves immune from Dante's holy attacks makes Pagans generally easier to defeat than their Heretic counterparts. They are slightly more evasive than Heretics, but this shouldn't be too much of an issue if you use wide-range Scythe attacks to inflict damage. Powerful holy attacks such as Sacred Judgment and Sacred Justice work well against them, and so do magic spells such as Righteous Path if Dante has Mana to spare.

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