Nessus was a character seen in Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic.


Nessus was one of the centaurs that resided around the Phlegethon. She was a friend of Virgil who allowed Dante and him to ride across the treacherous river on her back.


The centaur, Nessus was best known for his role in the death of Heracles (Hercules), the famous character in Greco-Roman mythology. When he attempted to abduct Heracles' new wife, Deianira, he was fatally wounded by one of the hero's Hydra-poisoned arrows. However, as he laid dying, he was able to convince Deianira to take some of his blood, place it on a tunic and give it to Heracles, telling her that it would keep Heracles faithful to her. The blood was actually poisonous and caused the hero unceasing agony, eventually leading him to burn himself alive on a funeral pyre. When Deianira learned that she was deceived and her husband slain because of it, she killed herself by leaping off a cliff.


  • In the film, Nessus was portrayed as a benevolent female, deviating from the original mythic character.
  • She was voiced by Charlotte Cornell.
  • Nessus was also present in the original Inferno, male yet in the same capacity as the film, acting to ferry Dante and Virgil across the Phlegethon.
  • In astrology, the minor planet 7066 Nessus represented violence, sexual deviations and abusive tendencies.