Nessus, is a character seen in Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic.


Nessus is one of the centaurs that reside around the Phlegethon. She is a friend of Virgil who allows Dante and him to ride across the treacherous river on her back.


Nessus the centaur is best known for his hand in the death of Heracles/Hercules, the famous character in Greek/Roman mythology. When he attempted to abduct Hercules' fiancee, he was fatally wounded by one of the hero's Hydra-poisoned arrow. However, as he lay dying, he was able to convince the girl to take some of his blood and give it to Hercules, telling her it would keep Hercules faithful to her. The blood was poisonous and caused the hero unceasing agony, eventually leading him to burn himself on a funeral pyre.


  • In the film, Nessus is portrayed as a benevolent female, deviating from the original mythic character.
  • She is voiced by Charlotte Cornwell.

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