A minion.

The Minion was a type of creature encountered in Dante's Inferno.


The generic minions are the souls of the Damned that became corrupted by Lucifer's influence. They now served him and are commanded by the higher-ranked demons of Hell. Dante first encountered them in The Church graveyard after finding Beatrice dead. Armed with nothing, but short swords, they are the true cannon-fodder in the depths of Hell. What they lacked in strength however, they somewhat made up for by assaulting in large numbers.


Hell MinionEdit

Hell Minions acted and looked the same, but are more aggressive than standard minions.

Anger MinionEdit

Anger Minions would slowly march toward the player until igniting at which point, it would explode when the player got close.

Fire MinionEdit

Fire Minions took the shape of a standard Hell Minion, but are made entirely of flames and are invulnerable to the Scythe attacks until struck by the Cross.

Gluttony MinionEdit

Gluttony Minions had a two-handed lunge attack and had a green pallor.

Greed MinionEdit

Greed Minions are extremely swift and evasive and appeared to shimmer like gold. They would jump back and forth before attempting a leap attack.


Minions are among the easiest of foes to dispatch as they had neither armor or the ability to defend. They are the first enemy that Dante came across in his journey through Hell. They could be killed quickly using the grab move with the Scythe and Punishing or Absolving them for quick Unholy/Holy experience.