“Who comes into my house of pain?” — Minos

King Minos is the temperamental, cynical Judge of the Damned, who resides in the circle of Limbo. He is the second boss encountered in Dante's Inferno. He judges the souls and tells them on what Circle of Hell will the soul go by wrapping his tail in his body a certain times. An example would be; A soul was condemened in the sixth Circle of Hell, Heresy King Minos has to wrap his tail six times in his body.


Minos dwells just beyond the Citadel of Limbo. He appears as a half serpent, half human with a large crown fused on his head. He is also blind, relying on his senses of smell and touch to find his victims. He judges those who have been damned by picking one person from a wall and smelling the corruption of their sins, and once he decides where they belong, he first impales them on his wheel of torture and spins it so they are rocketed down and sent to their fated circle. Dante Alighieri enters Minos' citadel and demands to know where Beatrice was taken, Minos sniffs him, smelling Dante's sins, saying "I smell only a traitor, a glutton...a murderer." Dante defies Minos, telling him to sniff again. Enraged, Minos attacks Dante. Minos is killed when Dante stabs his tongue onto a spike of his torture wheel and spins it, splitting his face in half.


Minos appears in the animated film, and is largely the same as he is in the game, though he is initially less interested in Dante's presence, only fighting him after being goaded by Dante and he is appearance is shadowed. The fight is brief, and he is killed by his own wheel, which flings him out of his court, clearing the way for Dante to move on.  With his death, damned souls flee from Minos's palace in an attempt to escape.  It is unknown if they succeed, though Virgil remarks that Lucifer will not be pleased.


Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Chapter 2 King Minos Boss Fight

Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Chapter 2 King Minos Boss Fight

Dante vs. Minos

Minos' opening attack is to launch tentacles out of the ground.  These can be avoided simply by moving in an erratic pattern, and then evading once they start popping up quickly.  Minos will also attack with his breath, which can only be avoided by grappling onto the sides of the courtroom.  This is telegraphed by him leaning back before attacking.

Once his breath attack is completed, Minos' head will be exposed for attack. The player can attack the head either with the Scythe or the Cross, but must be wary of Minos' tongue while doing so. If Dante gets hit by the tongue, it will knock him backward and Minos will attack with a particularly large, crystallized, and sharp tentacle that requires a quick-time event to avoid. After he is hit in the face several times, Minos will howl in pain and recoil, leaving his underbelly exposed to attack.

After Minos recovers from Dante's initial strike, he will summon several Minions to the field that can easily be destroyed with the Punish/Absolve commands. He will not attack while they are alive.

Once Minos' minions are defeated, he will then develop a new attack. He will try to crush Dante with his fist.  All of his fist attacks are clearly telegraphed. The player can also avoid the fist entirely by staying at the edge of the arena near the spiked wheel, unless Minos attempts to swipe the arena from side to side (which requires a jump to dodge no matter where you are).

After a few attempted smash attacks, Minos will attack the ground with an open palm, which can be avoided by grappling to the sides of the courtroom. Dante can use the Grab function to impale the scythe in Minos' hand, which will initiate a QTE. Failure to perform it correctly will result in Dante taking damage, while a successful performance will cause Minos to howl in pain and expose his belly a second time.

Afterwards, Minos will summon Unbaptized Babies and a Guardian Demon to the courtroom. Again, he will not attack while they are active, so it is a simple manner to destroy them. Afterwards, he will attempt to crush Dante again before unleashing his breath attack a second time. This time, however, attacking his head will cause him to collapse on the floor of the courtroom. Dante can then grab Minos' tongue and, if the QTE if successfully performed, will split Minos' face in half on the wheel and end the battle.

Failure to perform any of the QTE events correctly will deal damage to Dante (which can be quite significant at higher difficulties), but none of them will automatically kill him.


Animated MovieEdit

  • "Liar."
  • "Blasphemer."
  • "Traitor."
  • "Heretic."
  • "Glutton."
  • "Hoarder."
  • "Suicide!"
  • "Who comes into my house of pain?"
  • "Turn back. There is no place for you here -- not yet, oh mortal."
  • "You dare so speak to the Judge of the Damned?!"
  • "I will judge you to the lowest circle of Hell. Lucifer shall devour you for eternity."

Video GameEdit

  • "Ohh... Suicide." - Upon learning the fate of a lost soul.
  • "Who comes into my House of Pain?"
  • "Hmm... I smell only a traitor, a glutton, a murderer." - Learning of Dante's past sins.
  • "How dare you presume to speak with the Judge of the Dead!" - After being taunted by Dante.
  • "I know exactly what your future holds!"
  • "And you thought a crusade would offer you grace?!"
  • "Damnation will be your final reward!"
  • "Salvation is not within your reach!"
  • "Her love won't save you."
  • (Grunts)
  • "Your faith was cast away!"
  • "You slaughtered hundreds."/"You slaughtered hundreds!"
  • "Virtue means nothing to you."/"Virtue means nothing to you!"
  • "You can't hide your sins!"
  • "Your crimes are unpardonable."/"Your crimes are unpardonable!"
  • "I'm well acquainted with your treachery!"
  • "You've cheated Death once already!"
  • "Come closer." - While his head is near the ground after his breath attack.
  • "Where are you?" - While his head is near the ground after his breath attack.
  • "Come before me!" - While his head is near the ground after his breath attack.
  • "I can smell you." - While his head is near the ground after his breath attack.
  • "Let me sentence you." - While his head is near the ground after his breath attack.
  • " Heresy!"
  • "Greed!"
  • "Anger!"
  • "Lust!"
  • "Gluttony!"
  • "Violence!"
  • "Treachery!"
  • "Fraud!"


  • In Greek mythology, King Minos was one of the three judges of the Underworld, alongside King Rhadymanthus (who is sometimes listed as Minos' brother), and King Aeacus. He and Rhadymanthus were the sons of Zeus by the princess Europa. He is notably famous for being the tyrannical king of Minoan Crete, and the keeper of the mythical Minotaur.
  • In "The Inferno," Dante placed Minos at the end of Limbo to judge the souls of the damned.
  • He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the animated film, who also does the voice of Phlegyas but is limited to roars and grunts when voicing Phlegyas.
  • The concept for King Minos' design came from artist Wayne Barlowe, who, in a "Making Of," video, mentioned that after Cerberus, Minos was amongst his favorite to design.
  • King Minos appears as a statue-mechanism in the game God of War III.


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