Hoarder/Waster was a creature in Dante's Inferno.


First encountered in the circle of Greed, this pair of souls, one who hoarded in life and one who wasted was now melded into a singular creature in Hell. One side of it was gathering coins while the other side was constantly spewing gold coins from his chest. They also had a massive golden mace that they swung around in a circle tossing coins when they became threatened. The spirit that carried the mace was the waster and the other that had the abdomen full of gold coins was the hoarder.



  • In "The Inferno", Dante viewed both hoarding and wasting as two opposite, but equal sins of Greed and so souls guilty of both sins are condemned to Hell's fourth circle. As such, in the game, the two types of souls are bound together to represent the evils of both extremes.
  • The Hoarder/Waster looked similar to the Exploder enemy from Dead Space 2 which was also made by Visceral Games.