Hoarder/Waster is a creature in Dante's Inferno.


First encountered in the circle of Greed, this pair of souls, one who hoarded in life, and one who wasted, has now in been melded into a singular creature in Hell. One side of it gathering coins while the other side constantly spewing gold coins from his chest. They also have a massive golden mace that they swing around in a circle tossing coins when they become threatened. The spirit that carry the mace is the waster, the other has the abdonmen full of gold coin is the hoarder.



  • In "The Inferno", Dante viewed both hoarding and wasting as two opposite but equal sins of Greed, and so, souls guilty of both sins were condemned to Hell's fourth circle.
  • The Hoarder/Waster looks similar to the Exploder enemy from Dead Space 2, which was also made by Visceral Games.
  • They have broken hat on each head for thei torment.


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