"Hoarder" is the nineteenth soundtrack included in the first disc containing the originally composed Dante's Inferno score. This particular piece plays during Dante's entrance into one of the early Greed chambers, which sees a hellishly horned black demon point in Dante's direction before the door slams downwards. The chamber itself features a rotating spiked contraption that hinders Dante whilst he attempts to reach the door, moving in a deceptive jittering motion and butchering the sinners of Greed that poke out from the walls as it does so. If a fall does occur, the lower part of the chamber, containing molten gold pits and waterfalls, instantly generates a Hoarder-Waster and a minion of Greed which must both be killed before Dante can reattempt the leaps across to the door. The room also holds a rambling lost soul, Gessius Florus, a particular slave to Greed and a character of Roman descent. 

The piece is immensely discordant and unsettling and has the unforgettable addition of the 'wailing souls' effect that resides within most Dante's Inferno soundtracks.

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