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Heresy Fire
Circle Number 6
Boss None
Creatures Heretics Pagans
Locations City of Dis
Host Farinata Uberti
Prev. Circle Anger
Next Circle Violence
“Here you will find the heretics and followers of every cult and pagan sect, all buried together, burning in eternal fire.” — Virgil

Heresy is the sixth Circle of Hell.


Upon entrance into Hell's capital, the infernal City of Dis, Dante descends into the lair of those who either denied the existence of God and the soul or who worshipped false idols and devils. They are encased within flaming tombs or nailed to inverted burning crosses. Heretics and Pagans are free to worship the "Fallen One" and guard this circle.

Areas of the CircleEdit

  • Flaming Tombs: Different markings show that there are those who suffer from all lands, and from every epoch, forever enflamed.-Farinata Uberti
  • Followers of Epicurus: "In this part of Hell, Epicures with all his followers, who make the soul die with the body, have their burial place."-Virgil



Nine Circles of Hell
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