The Hall of Gluttons was a part of Gluttony that Lucifer designed specifically for those of royalty and high status who indulged in to excesses in life. They are constantly devoured and excreted by several Gluttons for eternity. The area was clean and ordered (excepting the Gluttons, in contrast with the rain, mud and excrement of the rest of the Third Circle.) This place was also where up could mean any direction. Lucifer made Dante stop here on his travels in order to confuse and anger him. Once Dante exited the Hall of Gluttons, he was unable to re-enter it.


  • Souls
    • Flip the switch and head into the portal you just came through. Climb the damned on the wall to reach the platform on the right with a fountain. Access it for Souls.
    • Run into the portal on the left. You must now run downwards (vertically on the wall) and jump towards the bottom of the screen while this platform is in place.
  • Silver Judas Coin - Climb up the rear wall for another fountain, this one containing a piece of silver.
  • Beatrice Stone - After falling into the moving platform, double-jump to the right.

Trivia Edit

  • As the player is solving the puzzle to escape the Hall, Beatrice's face will appear periodically within the fog shrouding the portals.
  • The Hall may have been inspired by the woodcut "Another Word II" by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher.