Circle of Hell-Gluttony 001
Circle Number 3
Boss Cerberus
Creatures Glutton
Gorger Worm
Locations Hall of Gluttons
Host Ciacco
Prev. Circle Lust
Next Circle Greed
“For the ruinous fault of Gluttony, so are these sad souls broken by the rain and the mud.” — Virgil

Gluttony is the third Circle of Hell.


"What these shades could not satisfy in life, in death, they shall be denied for eternity."

After defeating Cleopatra and descending down from the circle of Lust, Dante journeys to the next circle, Gluttony.  The circle is populated mostly by gluttonous demons, great landscapes made of living organs, violent storms, mud, piles of human waste, and giant gorger worms with insatiable appetites.  In this circle are those who are punished for over-indulged in food, drink and addictions in the world above, placing such things above all things, including their fellow man, forced to slosh around forever in the vile muck that makes up most of the circle.  There Dante must face the "great worm," Cerberus, a massive stomach with three worm-like heads protruding from an open maw.

Continuing on to Greed, Lucifer stops Dante briefly in the Hall of Gluttons, an area where the high status gluttons are eternally eaten by demons, and where "up," could mean any direction, so Lucifer can frustrate Dante.

Areas of the CircleEdit

  • Cerberus - "The ravenous hellhound is a torturer of gluttons. He feasts on our souls and disgorges them, so that he may always eat with insatiable hunger."-Ciacco
  • Hall of Gluttons - As punishment for their lavish indulgence, the shades who lived are now constantly devoured and excreted by several Gluttons for eternity.

Dante's JournalEdit

  • In the Divine Comedy, Dante sees Ciacco amongst the Shades in the Mire.
  • Gluttony comes from the Latin word gluttire (gloot-teer-AY), which means "to gulp down," or "to swallow."


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