Geryon is a large statue with huge leathery bat wings and the tail of a scorpion. It is seen at the end of Violence, where Dante fights Francesco. After defeating him, the player fights several waves of enemies whilst descending. On Geryon, Dante descends to the penultimate circle of Hell, Fraud.


  • In Greek mythology, Geryon is a giant. He is described as a monster with many human faces. Hercules' tenth labour was to steal cattle from Geryon's magnificent herd.
  • In the Divine Comedy, Dante placed Geryon as the farrier from the Circle of Violence into the Circle of Fraud. He carries Dante and Virgil down to the Malebolge on his back. Unlike in the game, however, he is an actual, living being.
    • Looking very different from his mythological appearance, Geryon was described as a physical representation of Fraud, and referred to as such. He had the face of an honest man, the paws of a lion, the body of a wyvern, and a long tail with a sting at the end. He also had wings.

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