Eyes of St. Lucia
Eyes of St. Lucia
Location Citadel of Limbo
Acquisition Found
Alignment Holy
Level Requirement None
"From the Patron Saint of the Blind."


The Eyes of St. Lucia is a holy relic in Dante's Inferno. Whilst equipped, Dante has a chance to deflect an incoming attack negating the damage and pushing the enemy away. The likelihood of this happening increases as follows:

  • Lvl 1: 10%
  • Lvl 2: 20%
  • Lvl 3: 30%

Trivia Edit

St Lucia was born with the famous beautiful eyes. As she worshipped the Blessed Virgin wholeheartedly, she ripped her eyes off and threw them into the sea so as not to turn away from her faith and to keep her suitors away.

Entirely devoted to prayer, she fulfilled a great number of miracles. As a reward for such a devotion, the Blessed Virgin restored her sight and gave her back even more beautiful and radiant eyes ('Ochji belli e lucenti').

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