Electra is one of the damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned" achievement/trophy. She is encountered in Limbo.

Description Edit

Electra is a Mycenean princess who killed her mother, Queen Clytemnestra, to avenge her father's murder. She serves her punishment, which is to finally know the wrath of God and Lucifer, whom she was ignorant of while she was alive.


  • In The Inferno, Electra is one of the many virtuous pagan souls whom Dante meets while traveling through Limbo.
  • Electra is the daughter of King Agamemnon, who led the Greeks against the Trojans. According to the myth, her mother Clytemnestra became the lover of Agamemnon's cousin, Aegisthus, and together they succeeded in murdering Agamemnon when he returned home from the war. Electra managed to hide her brother Orestes from the two, but for years was subjected to constant abuse at the hands of her mother and Aegisthus. She was even forced to marry a humble man, yet he pitied her and would not ruin her virtue. Electra was reunited with Orestes years later, and goaded him into taking revenge for their father by killing Clytemnestra. For committing matricide, the siblings were tormented by the Furies until they were finally pardoned by Apollo and Athena.
  • She is the heroine of a play by Sophocles that bears her name.
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