Images included on the wiki should be limited to in-game captures, trailers and development. These images should always be of the highest resolution available. They should be consistently formatted and not negatively impact the organization of the article. When including numerous photos on one article, editors should make use of a gallery to properly organize these images. Adding irrelevant photos or poorly formatting them can sometimes be construed as achievement boosting and will be dealt with by an administrator. As a general rule; real-world images fall outside of the scope of the wiki and should never be included in articles. The notable exception of this is relevant photographs directly related to the development of the video-game.

The above rules do not apply on one's talk page. That is a user's personal space, and can be personalised as much as one wants. These should however, adhere to the community's standards of behavior, and should never be pornographic, racist, bigoted, advertising or otherwise offensive or contradict Wikia Terms of Agreement.

Picture Preferences

The following is the order of image preference for an article (For instance, what type of image should be used in the infobox.)

  • Cinematic
  • Flashback
  • Gameplay
  • Promotional
  • Movie
  • Concept Art

Notes to the above list:

  • Images from any Dante movie (ex: Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic) should be used first if content appears exclusively in the film (ex: Nessus) but can be included in gallery sections if they have game counterparts.
  • Infernopedia is a wiki for the franchise started by Visceral Games, not the Poem. Any and all pictures depicting events from the poem should be included in an article about the poem instead, (ex: "The Divine Comedy")

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