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This walkthrough will take the player through the underworld and the story of Dante's Inferno.

Prologue Edit

“In the year 1191, European knights of the Third Crusade captured the city of Acre, about 30 miles from Jerusalem. Under orders from King Richard, 3000 civilian prisoners were detained. They were held as ransom for a holy relic once taken by Saladin, the Kurdish protector of the Holy Land. As the hot summer wore on, Saladin dug in and refused to negotiate. Richard grew frustrated, unsure of an attack on Jerusalem. And the fate of the innocent prisoners were left undecided...” — Introduction

Once gameplay starts, kill all of the prisoners that attack with the Halberd. Be careful - fireballs are shot from the skies and will damage Dante if he comes into contact with them. After a few minutes of battle, a boat will crash into the side. Jump on and then onto the ledge to get across. Follow the path, where a cutscene shows an assassin taking a knife and stabbing it deep into Dante's back. He runs away and Dante falls to his knees. Death soon appears in front of him. Death tells Dante that his fate has already been decided and he will spend the rest of his life with the damned, and that he will also be joined by the ones he has ruined. Dante then takes the knife out and tells Death that he will redeem himself.

Death Badass
The player must now battle Death. Be very careful, as he can teleport. His scythe covers an entire area and can be thrown at the player. Just keep attacking him and blocking his moves until he is at 15% health. Press the allocated buttons, and Death will drop his scythe; Dante will pick up. He cowers in fear while the player attacks him more. Press the allocated buttons again, and Death will be destroyed. This will also be the first time the player collects souls, the currency used to purchase upgrades and abilities.
Shores of Acheron Opening
After breaking through The gates of the underworld, Dante will arrive at the cliffs above the river Acheron. Speak to Virgil, then navigate the Damned Climb. This is the first circle Dante must descend through in order to save Beatrice. After jumping into the underworld, the player lands near a harbor where souls are taken deeper into the underworld by a gigantic boat named Charon. The player meets Virgil again and learns how to climb on walls. After learning that, several minions appear and attack Dante. Kill them or run past them.

After Dante slides down the hole underneath the bell, the player will be forced to fight. After killing all enemies, move the switch to raise the platform the player is standing on until reaching the door above. Open it and follow the path. When the player enters into a room, Dante fights more minions. He climbs on a wire attached to Charon; the two talk and the wire is cut from behind Dante and he swings into Charon. Using a box, Dante comes to the top of Charon and fights a small horde of minions and hijacks an Asterian Beast. Using the Asterian Beast, Dante is able to tear off Charon's head and throw it several miles into the distance.

When Charon's body starts to fall, the Asterian Beast grabs onto a broken bridge and climbs to safety. Dante jumps off and makes a ledge fall on the beast, causing it to fall into the darkness of Limbo.

Circle One: LimboEdit

Minos Up
Dante runs through the Citadel of Limbo, killing minions. He reaches the top, swings over a broken bridge and starts to fight King Minos. Dante easily defeats King Minos by using a torture wheel to split his face in half. After King Minos's body falls over the ledge, Dante enters the second circle of the underworld.

Circle Two: Lust Edit

After killing King Minos, keep going forward and swing toward the cave opening. Follow the path given and the player will given information on how to move while swinging on ropes. After that, the player will see the shade Francesca da Polenta. Absolve her if the Forbidden prick achievement/trophy is desired (Francesca alone will not give this award; the player must also absolve Paolo later on). The tower of Lust will erupt from an ocean of purple water along with Cleopatra climbing on it.

She shoots lightning into the sky, making a purple tornado cover the tower. Every few seconds, a ball of electricity will form and launch in a certain direction; the golden platform before it can be turned by a switch. Turn the switch as the electricity ball forms and it will hit the tornado opening it for a few seconds. After jumping into the tower, the player will encounter the Temptress. Another switch that must be turned appears. Turn it and a snake mouth will open. Once it is open enough, break the teeth and turn the switch again. After getting to the next level, Dante sees Beatrice in a devilish dress. She is then sent to the top of the tower.

Move the statue in the back onto the floor, pull another switch, jump on the platform again, and then jump onto a ledge with another switch. Pull it and jump on the platform again. While on his way toward the top, Dante fights a horde of minions of all sorts and he is stopped by Cleopatra. Cut her fingers and the ground will rise again causing a walkway to appear on the right. Cut them again to make another on the left appear - jump on that and pull the switch. Cut her again and jump to the right. Pull the switch; she will be set ablaze and fall off.

Dante fights more minions before reaching the top. At the plateau lies a resting place - go to the right and absolve Paolo for the Forbidden Love achievement/trophy. Dante climbs on a wall towards the very top. He then talks to Beatrice. Dante fights and kills Marc Antony. Cleopatra gets upset by this and walks toward Dante. Press the designated buttons and Dante will kill Cleopatra. The tower collapses and he fights more minions. Dante descends into the third circle of the underworld.

Circle Three: Gluttony Edit

As the platform that Dante was fighting on breaks apart, use the scythe to start swinging toward land. When Dante gets on high ground, he descends into Gluttony. Dante will be forced to climb on walls, swing on ropes, etc... After all of this, Dante will fight Cerberus, the boss of Gluttony. Once Cerberus has been destroyed, keep moving forward.

The player will walk through a hallway and jump out of a mouth, landing on a platform and fight a few Fiends. Jump over a few more platforms and jump into another mouth. Follow the given pathway and the player will be forced to fight a horde of minions. After killing the horde, walk into the liquid-like door. A cutscene will start as Dante has a flash back. Lucifer appears and shows Dante how his father and Beatrice died.

Dante lands on a ledge. Go through the liquid door behind Dante and it will take the player to a switch. Pull the switch and go through the door Dante just came out of, and pull the other switch then run back to where he was before. Run and jump off the platform that just appeared; notice the other platform that moves. Wait for the right time and go through the door in front of Dant. Hopefully, the player will land on the platform and just stay on it until it goes through a door. Dante is now in a different location. Go through the obstacles and Dante will descend into the next circle.

Circle Four: Greed Edit

When Dante descends into Greed, he sees his father, Alighiero. Dante has a flash back that gives a backround image of what his father was like before he died. When it's over, Dante jumps on some moving platforms until he reaches the top of what appears to be a boiler; he pulls a switch and demons come. The player must kill all of the demons before the boiler overflows with lava. After doing so, pull the switch again and follow the path.

Eventually, Dante enters into a room where Hoarders/Wasters are waiting for him. Once the enemies have been dealt with, pull the switch some spiked plates will go down, revealing another switch. Go to the second switch and pull it. Then, go to the first switch and pull it. Run to the second and jump on one of the spiked plates, then through the two doors before they shut. Walk until another switch is visible; pull it and go down. This room has gears covered in spikes that circle around the room. Ignore everything in there and head towards the door. Open it and pull the switch for it will stop the gears. Now, Dante can go and do as he pleases.

After Dante goes through the second door, he enters a hallway. As he goes through, he is taken into another room with another switch. Start turning the switch and demons will appear, along with other traps. Hit the demons once to slow their movements. Try to time this so the demons are hit by the saws moving on the ground. Once Dante has opened the adjacent door, go through it. Behind the player, two walls smash into each other - locking Dante in this room. There will be an Asterian Beast waiting for Dante; hijack it and kill everyone in the room. Use the beast to open a way out and escape the closed up hall.

Climb up on a nearby wall and use the scythe to swing onto the rope and swing to the ground. After landing, Dante must fight an armored demon. Kill it and pull a switch to get the platform moving. While on the platform, the player needs to jump onto another to keep moving forward. The second platform will take Dante to a ground area. Jump off, and jump onto the other platform underneath it. Pull a switch and it will destroy a pile of bones, revealing yet another switch. Dante fights a horde of demons and pulls the switch so that the platform turns and destroys a statue. Jump on the gold block the statue was holding and again to get to the ground above, then go through a cave.

It will take you to Plutus, deity of Wealth. Dante then fights a horde of minions; after killing them all, Plutus starts making golden platforms. Turn a switch to the left and Plutus will make a bigger one. Turn the switch to the right twice and jump on both platforms and Plutus, then go through a door. Dante swings on a rope and reaches the Wheel of Fortune. Dante fights more minions, jumps over gears and rock-like hammers, and finally reaches a platform. Pull the switch twice (once for going down and again to get rid of the lava).

Hijack the Asterian Beast and use it to get to Plutus. He should now be making blocks of gold in a different location. Push the block to the far right and it will hit a lever making Plutus temporarily sink. Climb on a wall before he comes back up, get to the wheel of fortune, fight more minions, knock down the wheel of fortune and finally fight Alighiero. After Dante defeats and absolves his father, he will descend into the next circle.

Circle Five: Anger Edit

Upon reaching Anger, Dante rides a moving platform deeper into this circle. He fights several minions along the way and stops in a rock-like tower. Dante fights more minions then goes down deeper into the tower. Follow a path leading outside. Dante soon finds himself swinging on a giant rock wall that is constantly being hit by giant fire balls, though none of them will hit him. Next, he enters a swamp-like area filled with burnt trees. Climb over a rope then keep going straight and Dante will be forced to fight a horde of minions.

After killing them, follow the path and swing using the scythe. Eventually, Dante comes across a block. Move it back until it lands on the platform Dante was on after swinging with the scythe and jump on the block. It will start sinking and reveal a new passage to take. Follow it and climb on the wall once needed to. This will take Dante to an area where he fights another horde of minions. Follow the path and swing on the rope once in sight. When Dante drops onto the platform, it will sink a little. The player will be forced to fight several Guardian Demons and Throne Demons until the platform rises again.

Follow the path until Dante comes to a room with a giant cage-like object filled with lava. Pull the switch to put out the fire, then jump on the platform and push/pull the switch until the platform rises. Minions start to appear constantly until Dante makes the platform rise. Do this several times until Dante reaches the top of the tower. Slide down the tower and the player will see a small boat. Jump on it and it will start moving. Kill the minions that appear until Dante reaches land. A giant rock-like arm comes out from underneath him and kills the rest.

The boat will soon rise and reveal that it is actually Phlegyas. Follow the button sequences and Dante will land on the ground. He sees Beatrice talking to Lucifer, asking him why Dante broke her promise. Phlegyas will send minions at Dante and occasionally punch the ground or breathe fire. After fighting several hordes, a cut scene will open showing Beatrice eating three seeds and transforming into a devil-like creature. She and Lucifer will then proceed to kiss passionately then fly away. Dante jumps on Phlegyas' head and takes control of him. Dante uses him to open the doors to the lower circles of the underworld, allowing Dante to descend into the next circle.

Circle Six: Heresy Edit

To beat the statue puzzle, the player must pull the block to the left of the smelter. When pulling the lever, push the block to the left of the smelter as soon as it turns to pour the molten liquid.

Circle Seven: Violence Edit

Circle Eight: Fraud Edit

There are ten circles each contributing to a specific type of fraud.

Circle Nine: Treachery Edit

Treachery is the final circle of the underworld. It is a gigantic ice cave with three giants: Nimrod, Ephialtes, and Antaeus. They can hurt Dante with their ice-like breath. Dante jumps from ice block to ice block, fightins a few minions, and then reaches a very thin ice pathway. He walks very slow in this part in order to not break it. As Dante walks, try to stay on certain parts of the ice; if it shakes it will eventually fall. The player might also see a path - if so, try to keep walking on it and avoid falling. After passing it, a few gears like the ones Dante destroys while swinging on ropes will appear. Destroy them and jump through the hole.

A cutscene will start with Dante falling to the ground before Lucifer's prison, which is actually a gigantic demon frozen from the waist down. He will tell you of his plan and how he has tried other warriors before but have failed. Lucifer then attacks with all of his power. The key thing to do in this fight is to remember his attack patterns and be able to recognize when to dodge. Some of his attacks can be devastating to Dante's health (especially on higher difficulties), but the battle ends with Dante defeating Lucifer.

Another short cutscene starts as Lucifer frees himself, revealing his true form. Dante and Lucifer fight once more in an explosive battle which can be quite testing because his health bar drops very slow. Be warned about using cross moves; sometimes he will block them and fill the screen with white light which damages Dante. Also, sometimes he will catch the crosses and throw them back at Dante. The player is given a short time to dodge, so when things slow down - act fast.

After a while when Lucifer has about a third of his health left, a cutscene will play. The battle gets slightly easier here, but he attacks with much more zeal than before. He is floating so it's harder to hit him. Finally, another cutscene will play and the player must press the designated buttons to defeat him. Dante stabs Lucifer in his chest with the scythe, which creates an explosion.

End Game Edit

After Dante defeats Lucifer, he is shown in a video on the ground. He was stabbed in the back during the Crusades and has actually been dead the whole time. Lucifer then tells his plan to overthrow God and destroys Dante's scythe. Using all of the souls Dante has collected throughout his journey in the underworld, he commands them to absolve him. The souls send Lucifer back into his prison and freezes Lucifer's gigantic arms inside the lake so that he can no longer move.

When Dante is absolved, he is brought to an unknown area that is made of sand. He sees Beatrice who is also nude but is covered by smoke from the waist down. The two clasp hands and a bright light flashes; Dante is then seen walking out of a cave. Lucifer's laugh is heard and the words "TO BE CONTINUED" appear.

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