Damned for their Violence alongside their fallen comrades, these damned warriors forever roam the Abominable Sands. With their rusted and broken, though still effective, swords and shields, they now assail Dante with hellish force. They are often seen in the presence of Damned Crusaders, whom they lead. Though slightly weaker than Crusaders, Captains have a special power that can make them a challenge to fight. They can engulf their shields in flames, which will then make them immune to all of Dante's scythe attacks. Along with their Crusader brethren, the Damned Captains are led by Francesco, Dante's former brother-in-arms.


As soon as you see a Damned Captain engulfing his shield in flames, the player should extinguish the flames by firing a barrage of holy projectiles at him with the Cross. So long as their shields are not on fire, the player can then defeat them with the same tactics that you would otherwise work on the Damned Crusaders that often accompany them.

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