Cross Blast
The Cross, is a holy object that was given to Dante by his love Beatrice before he left for The Crusades.  It is a powerful artifact that allows Dante to perform Holy-based ranged attacks.


With every Damned soul that is absolved, the holy Cross grows more powerful.  With three Beatrice Stones, the player gains the ability to auto-absolve souls. The Cross can also give Dante health every time it kills an enemy once given the required ability.


Main article: Holy Abilities

Before Dante left for the Crusades, he swore upon Beatrice's cross to "forsake all pleasures of the flesh," until he returned to her.  Beatrice then gave Dante her cross and asked him to return it to her when he came back as a reminder of his promise and token of their love. Dante carried the object with him during his time in the Crusades, but broke his promise to Beatrice when he slept with the slave girl, and thus leading to Beatrice's abduction by Lucifer into Hell.

Just before Dante passed through the Gates of Hell, he charged the cross with divine light which allowed him to see in the darkness of the Inferno and absolve the various shades of the damned (including that of the souls of Francesco and his mother, Bella Abati and father, Alighiero di Bellincione).  When Dante confronted Beatrice in the eighth circle of Fraud, she was then already the new Queen of Hell after Lucifer planted the seeds of doubt in Beatrice and almost successfully made her forget her love for Dante.  However, Dante proceeds to hand back the cross to Beatrice, reminding her of their love and his promise to return it to her. This was enough to cause the cross to absolve Beatrice's soul, forsake her role as Lucifer's wife and return to her normal self and allow the archangel Gabriel to carry her off to Purgatory and await Dante's return when he escaped from the Inferno.  After Dante defeats Lucifer and he enters Purgatory, his armor, Scythe and Holy Cross have been forsaken as he comes upon Purgatory. So it remains to be seen what becomes of the Holy Cross and many of the tools he obtained during his journey after Dante escapes Hell.

Dante's JournalEdit

  • In the film, Beatrice claims that the Cross has a thorn from Jesus' Crown of Thorns.  This could be the reason why the Cross possesses powerful holy properties, as it is endowed with Jesus' blood.
  • In the game, the Cross seems to made of silver, but in the concept art, it actually appears to be made of gold.


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