Count Ugolino is one of the damned which Dante must punish or absolve for "The Damned" achievement/trophy. He is encountered in the circle of Treachery.


Count Ugolino was a big but trecherous Italian nobleman and politician. Always pitting one man against another as blood spilled, he thought of no one other than himself. He had conspired with Archbishop Ruggieri to betray the town of Pisa. Ironically Ruggieri turned on Ugolino after his son was accidentally murdered and rallied the villagers against Count Ugolino and set fire to his area of refuge. Count Ugolino surrendered and he alongside his sons and grandsons were locked up. Ruggieri barricaded the door and left the family to die from starvation.


  • In The Inferno, Dante and Virgil witness the soul of Count Ungolino, frozen within the ice of Cocytus' second round, Antenora. He is gnawing on the head of his lifelong foe, Archbishop Ruggieri, and he tells Dante and Virgil his sad story on how Archbishop Ruggieri turning on him resulted in Count Ugolino's ultimate imprisonment and death from starvation.
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