In addition to Dante's default outfit, players can choose from a variety of different costumes in Dante's Inferno that can be selected at any Beatrice Statue.


  • Inferno - Dante bears the sins of his past in his original costume
  • Crusader - Dante wears his Crusader uniform
  • Disco Inferno - Dante Gets down in his disco outfit
  • Florentine Dante - Dante as the famous Italian poet of the middle ages
  • Animated Feature Dante - Dante as he is interperted in the animated feature based on "Dante's Inferno"
  • Isaac Clarke Space Suit - Dante does Dead Space with this space RIG costume.


  • Inferno-Default costume
  • Crusader-Unlocked by starting a new game in ressurection mode.
  • Florentine Dante-Available for purchase in Live Marketplace and Playstation Store.
  • Animated Feature Dante-Available for purchase in Live Marketplace and Playstation Store.
  • Isaac Clarke Space Suit-Part of the Death Edition.


  • The Disco Inferno costume is a reference to the 1974 song "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps.
  • Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games, the same studio that made Dante's Inferno.
  • Dante's crusader uniform is not available as a selectable costume when playing Dark Forest.


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