The Chains of Judecca are massive chains located within the Inferno, all created to keep Lucifer imprisoned in Lake Cocytus. All of the Chains that Dante encountered are found each time that he descended into a lower circle.

Description Edit

The Chains of Judecca are enormous lines of chains with a central, elaborate structure, possibly a lock. Being breakable, this structure will develop a bright sheen as Dante comes near it. These chains are embedded in the walls of almost every Circle of Hell, and all led down into the Circle of Treachery.

Every time Dante found one of these, he used the Scythe to destroy it to continue his progress. However, each time that a chain was broken, Lucifer's laugh was heard, indicating that he was slowly being freed.

In the descent into Violence, instead of breaking the chain himself Dante made use of a nearby Minotaur statue's axe to break it for him, due to that chain being out of reach.

Only the descents into Heresy and Fraud had no Chains of Judecca to break, since Dante arrived in Heresy by falling from Phlegyas and arrived in Fraud on Geryon's back after fighting Francesco.

The last chain was found after the last Beatrice Statue, right before Lake Cocytus. Breaking this one led to the fight with Lucifer himself.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chains of Judecca are not present in the original Inferno. The subplot of Lucifer attempting to free himself from Hell was unique to the game.
  • These chains are apparently named after and led into the deepest part of Hell, named "Judecca" after Judas Iscariot. Here are found the ones who betrayed lords, masters, benefactors and God in the ninth and final circle.
  • Lucifer mentioned during the last battle with Dante that he tried using others to break the Chains of Judecca and free him in the past. Among those that he named are Ulysses, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great and Lancelot. Only Dante succeeded.

Gallery Edit

Circle of Hell-Treachery 001

Chains of Judecca holding Lucifer captive in the Circle of Treachery

Dantebig 0417

Chain of Judecca in one of the circle walls.


Final Chain of Judecca in the distance.