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Cavalcanti's Blade
Location Flaming Tombs, Heresy
Acquisition Found
Alignment N/A
Level Requirement N/A

"An atheist's weapon."


Cavalcanti's Blade is a relic in Dante's Inferno. It turns evade into an attack, knocking enemies back and causing damage. It is found in the Flaming Tombs of Heresy.

Trivia Edit

Owner of the relic, Cavalcante de' Cavalcanti (flourished c. 1250; died c. 1280) was a Florentine Epicurean philosopher and father of Guido Cavalcanti, a close friend of Dante Alighieri. Despite Cavalcanti's alignment with the papacy-supporting Guelphs during the crusader, he was denounced as a heretic. His blade, a weapon for protecting his heretic action.

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