“Why do you break me? Have you no pity?”

Bella Abati was Dante Alighieri's mother who commited suicide rather than continue living with his father. She is encountered in the circle of Violence, within the Wood of the Suicides.


Unlike his father, Dante's mother was kind and pious. However, the constant abuse heaped upon her and Dante by Alighiero drove her to despair because she lacked the courage to stand against him. She eventually hung herself, though Alighiero told Dante that she had died of a fever.

As a suicide, she was condemned to the Wood of the Suicides, where she became a tree-made figure hanging from a wooden noose. Her will is in fact joined with the trees producing Suicide Fruit, and when Dante enters her part of the woods, he is attacked by her tree until he batters it back. Afterward, she reveals to Dante that she did, in fact, kill herself, and admonishes him to save Beatrice. Bella begs Dante to absolve her, and when he does she grants him the Suicide Fruit magic.


  • In real life, Bella Abati was the wife of Alighiero di Bellincione and the mother of Dante Alighieri. She died in 1272, when Dante was about 5 or 6 years old, and Alighiero soon married again to Lapa di Chiarissimo Cialuffi.


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