DI Music

Beatrice Taken is the third soundtrack included on the first disc that contains the originally composed Dante's Inferno score. The soundtrack plays after Dante's performs the impossible and slices the legendary Adraman into a pile of two shadowed robes. Attaching Death's scythe in place of his standard halberd, Dante rides to Florence, Italy. At this point, the soundtrack plays a suspenseful series of string-based cords as Dante himself advances. Oblivious to the fact that his home in Italy has been infiltrated and attacked, Dante comes to the horrifyingly lifeless image of his beloved wife Beatrice, a deep wound resembling that of a blade confirming her death via a sword's penetration. His wife's angelic soul emerges and softly addresses her husband. Before long, however, a trail of black mist has accumulated from nowhere and Lucifer appears, snatching her unprotesting soul away towards the nearby church. As Dante screams his wife's name and begins to give chase, the soundtrack enters a fast-paced chaotic stage.

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