Beast Tamer
“These demons rule over the beasts of Hell, turning them to their bidding, and inflicting torture among Hell's residents.” — Dante's journal

The Beast Tamer was a creature in Dante's Inferno.

Overview Edit

Beast Tamers are the masters of the Asterian Beasts. They are primarily Throne Demons who rode atop the heads of these behemoths, guiding their movements and attacks. Dante must kill them if he was to be able to master the beasts. After enough damage was dealt, the player could start a quick-time event in which Dante mounted the beast and sliced the Beast Tamer in half.

Strategy Edit

Beast Tamer Meets Scythe

There was no applicable strategy to this enemy because the player never actually fought the Tamers, but rather fought the Beasts that they rode. Thus, the strategy would be the same as fighting the Asterian Beast. However, sometimes these demons could pop up and try to uproot Dante from his mount, forcing him to go on foot and dispatch the new tamer. When this happened, rapidly pressing the circle/B button would prevent the player from being thrown down.