“She wasn't my sister - she was my wife!”

The Avenger was one of the Kurdish prisoners whom Dante was tasked with guarding at Acre during The Crusades. He was based upon the assassin (hashashin) whom the original Dante mentioned in the 19th canto of the Inferno named "lo perfido assassin" (the treacherous assassin).


In exchange for his freedom, as well as her own, the man's wife, who claimed to be his sister, offered to "comfort" Dante. Dante took her offer, which only further enraged the man. After the Siege of Acre, he travelled to Dante's villa in Florence, where he assaulted and killed both Alighiero and Beatrice. In the Hall of Gluttons, Dante learns that the Avenger was the slave girl's cheated husband, not her brother, when Lucifer makes him witness Beatrice's murder.

He is seen again in the downloadable prequel Dark Forest. When Dante apprehends him, he repeats his line "She wasn't my sister! She was my wife!"


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