Placeholder item
Arrow of Paris
Location Lust
Acquisition Found
Alignment Unholy
Level Requirement N/A

"The bane of Achilles."

Arrow of Paris is an unholy relic in Dante's Inferno. It is found in the circle of Lust.


It increases the damage of grab attacks. Unholy Level 1 is required to equip this relic. As the relic levels up, the damage increases as follows:

  • Lvl 1: 25%
  • Lvl 2: 50%
  • Lvl 3: 100%

Trivia Edit

  • This particular arrow, as alluded to in the description, was used by the Trojan prince Paris to slay the Greek hero Achilles. Paris is the famous youth who abducted the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, wife of King Menelaus. The two lovers fled to Troy for asylum, but the jilted Menelaus, his brother Agamemnon and all of Helen's former suitors sailed to Troy to take her back from Paris, beginning the Trojan War. Near the end of the war, the Greek champion Achilles (whose body could not be harmed by any weapons) attacked and murdered first Hector, Paris's elder brother, and then his younger brother, Troilus. With Troilus at the time of his death was his sister, Polyxena, whom Achilles spared after having been impressed by her gracious demeanor. Achilles was so trusting of the girl that he told her his only weakness: his heel, which was the only part of him vulnerable to harm. Overhearing this information, Paris joined the archers of Troy during the next battle, and shot Achilles in the heel with a poisoned arrow, killing him.