Circle of Hell-Anger 001
Circle Number 5
Boss Phlegyas
Creatures Arch Demon
Locations The River Styx
City of Dis
Host Filippo Argenti
Prev. Circle Greed
Next Circle Heresy
“See the souls over whom anger prevailed. In the warm bath of the sun they were hateful, down here in the black sludge of the river Styx do they wish they had never been born.” — Virgil

Anger is the fifth Circle of Hell.


Dante continues to search for Beatrice in the fifth circle and confronts the boatman Phlegyas, a giant, flaming demon who Dante unknowingly rides across the River Styx, a toxic marsh which eternally drowns those overcome with rage while alive. Those who expressed anger (the wrathful) attack each other on the swamp's surface, while those who repressed anger (the sullen) eternally drown beneath the marsh. Escaping the behemoth's fury, he rides atop Phlegyas into the City of Dis, guarded by the powerful Fallen Angels, to the lower circles.

Areas of the CircleEdit

  • Phlegyas: "Behold the Power of Phlegyas, Guardian of the River Styx. Only he may grant passage across the swamp, to the city of darkness and the circles below."
  • The River Styx: "The Styx, a toxic marsh. Those awash with anger drown again and again, choking on their own venom."
  • The City of Dis: "The City of Dis holds Hell's deepest secrets and the worst violent and treacherous sinners. The fallen angels guard its walls and flaunt his kingdom."


  • In "Inferno", Dante encounters Filippo Argenti. When it comes to the City of Dis, Dante encounters the Fallen Angels, the Furies, and Medusa. Virgil also mentioned to Dante on how the witch Erichtho sent him down to the lowest circle of Hell to bring back a spirit from there.

Gallery Edit

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