The Angels, are a race of powerful, immortal, winged celestial beings who are the children of God as well as serve as his warriors in Heaven.  While the angels are loyal to their father, they do possess free will and are capable of rebelling if they choose to no longer follow God's teachings (as demonstrated with Lucifer).

Known angelsEdit

While there are thousands (and possibly millions) of angels that reside with God in Paradise, there are only three known angels in the game.

  • Lucifer - A Fallen Angel and the King of Hell.
  • Saint Lucia - Dante's Guardian Angel.
  • Michael - The angel who defeats Lucifer and send him to hell (mentioned by Lucifer in the game).

Dante's JournalEdit

  • It's interesting to note that even though only three angels are present in the game, the three angels that appear actually have different roles in coordinance to their status and rankings in the Angelic Hierarchy.
    • Gabriel - Archangel
    • Lucifer - Fallen Angel
    • St. Lucia - Patron Saint/Guardian Angel

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