Alexander the Great was one of many that Lucifer mentioned failed to free him from his prison in Lake Cocytus. He is never seen in-game.


He was Born in 356 BC, Alexander was the heir to the throne of Macedonia: near the far north of Greece. Alexander's father, Phillip II of Macedonia planned to unify Greece so he could immediately embark on a military campaign against Greece's age old enemy: The Persian Empire. By the age of 18, Alexander was one of his father's greatest generals, but when his father gained a victory without him, he often complained, "Will he give me no chance for glory?" He thought that there would be nothing left for him to conquer. Amazingly the gods heard his prayers, for Alexander got his wish at the age of 20 in 336 BC, when his father was assassinated. As king, Alexander carried out his father's wish to conquer Persia and then follow his own agenda to conquer Central Asia, then India and as far as the river Beas, to what the Greeks called the outer sea. After he defeated the Persian King Darius at Gaugamela in 331 BC, Alexander achieved his father's wish of conquering the Persian Empire and now went on to central Asia for his own personal conquests. It was at this stage that Alexander wished to combine Greek and Persian cultures into his empire, but then the seeds of dissent began to take root. This resulted in the deaths of two of his father's generals, Parmenion and Cleitus the Black. The majority of his army remained loyal, though, even when in 329 BC, he marched them into India. After taking the region of the Punjab, he made an enemy with King Poros of the kingdom of Nanda. Poros confronted Alexander with an intimidating army, which included elephants. This terrified the Macedonians because they had never seen elephants before and Poros only used them against the Macedonian cavalry because horses don't like the smell of elephants. (In the first flashback on the raid at Acre, some of Saladin's archers are seen mounted atop a war elephant.)

Ironically, Poros was captured and defeated but Alexander reinstated him as a sign of mercy. Poros proved a powerfull ally to the Macedonians, as Alexander now had received new information when he reached the river Beas: The world didn't end here. A 2 to 3 week's march from the Beas was a far greater river, the Ganges. It was ruled by Chandragupta Mayura of Maghada and he had much more war elephants than Poros had. Alexander then made plans to conquer Maghada, and then he also voice planned a fleet to sail across the Mediterranean to conquer Italy and Carthage. However his men didn't follow him, and one of them had the nerve to speak up for the rest and tell their king they wanted to go home. Reluctantly, Alexander agreed to take them back home. He sent a naval party to sail down the Indus River and a land force to march into the desert. The two forces were devastated by the heat and storms along the Persian Gulf and managed to reach safety at Susa. Alexander and his men then made it to Babylon, the capital of his new empire and acted with such flamboyance and voracity. (The Macedonians were renowned for getting seriously drunk). Surprisingly, as soon as Alexander was ready to carry out his new campaigns he got sick from a fever. Then, at the age of 32, in 323 BC, Alexander died. Upon his death, his empire was divided amongst his comrades. Antigonos the Cyclops took Macedonia, Antipater took Greece, Seleucus Nicator took Persia and India, and Alexander's brother Ptolemy took Egypt.

These successor kingdoms were often at war with each other, especially Egypt and the new Seleucid Empire. Yet they eventually were conquered by the legions of Rome. Only Egypt held fast and it was annexed by the Romans in 27 BC after the death of Cleopatra.


  • In "Inferno" it is believed Dante Aligheri mentioned him being among the souls tortured in the Plegethon, within Violence. However, the text is ambigous. Modern historians now believe Dante was probably talking about Alexander IV, who commited horrendous acts of mutilation and genocide during his reign.

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